Train the Trainer in English

English version - Inhouse

English version - Inhouse


To carry out successfully training is an art, an art which can be learned and developed.Ingo Krawiec

Since 1993 Krawiec Consulting qualifies skill, product and EDP trainers. The Train the trainer courses distinguish themselves from other course by a mixture of practically oriented didactic, methodical variety and development of communication skills.
To train different contents is one of the core competences which become more and more important for most enterprises.
We have specialized in trainer's qualifications and are one of the leading supplier in this area.


About the course

In this seminar you will learn the basic tools to carry out training and seminar effectively and interestingly.
Our Train the Trainer-Course is an intensive seminar, where the most important knowledge is provided for the trainer's activity compactly.
This Train the Trainer-Course is for beginners as well as for advanced trainers who want to improve their training quality.
Professional product trainers, technical trainers and EDP trainers take part in our training.


"If I had taken part in this seminar earlier, I would have carried out more effectively many of my seminars."



During this training you will learn

  • To prepare and to carry out training effectively
  • To use visualization optimally
  • New training methods
  • Tips for improving your training behaviour
  • To improve your abilities to handle disturbances better.


Training Contents

Goal-oriented Training planning

  • How to prepare and plan a training session?
  • What are the key elements for successful training?


Living and active training methods

  • How can I maintain attention?
  • How do I design the start of a course?
  • What do I do with two o'clock holes?
  • How can I secure learning transfer?


Activating media application

  • How can I use visual aids creatively (flipchart, pinboard,
    data projector)?


My effect as a trainer

  • What speech techniques do I use?
  • How do I use my body language?
  • How do I interact with my participants?


How to handle difficult situations

  • How do I lead a training group?
  • How do I handle difficult situations?


Course Methods

Practical exercises, team work, trainer's input, participant's presentations, demonstrations, discussion, single work, spontaneous speech


Seminar duration:

2-3 days


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Krawiec Consulting:

100%ige Praxisorientierung


Experte für Trainerseminare

Train the Trainer-Seminare seit 1993

Individuelle Lösungen
Die Inhalte werden auf den individuellen Bedarf des Unternehmens abgestimmt.

2-3 Tage (Inhouse)

Maximal 8-10 Teilnehmer.

Das Training schließt auf Wunsch mit einem personifizierten Zertifikat ab, welches für weitere Ausbildungen oder Zertifizierungen verwendet werden kann.

Trainerinput, Teilnehmerdemos, Gruppenarbeit, Demonstrationen, Erfahrungsaustausch, Einzelarbeit, Stegreifreden, Übungen, Trainingsproben mit Videofeedback